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Live to Move.

Movement plays an important role in all our lives: sports, daily living and working, family activities, hobbies, and passions. Sports injuries and slow recovery can hinder athletic goals. Low back, wrist, and neck pains from long days at a computer interfere with daily activities with friends and family. Long commutes every day can contribute to perpetual sciatic pains. No matter where your muscular dysfunction comes from, at Life Moves we will help you to return your body to its key state and keep it there to enable you to do more of what you love.

Move to Live.

Stagnation supports a breeding ground for disease to thrive- physically, mentally and emotionally. Beyond the capacity to participate in daily activities and passions, your quantity and quality of movement affects your mental and emotional state.  If bodies are balanced, then quality of life improves. Life Moves Manual Therapies strives to support this balance by not only integrating movement into therapies practiced but by educating clients on the useful movements and manipulations for better self-maintenance and improved quality of life.

 LMMT has your needs covered with in-house appointments, on-site massage days & body maintenance education.

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