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LMMT Services

Massage Sessions

All Massage sessions are the same price regardless of the modality used. Whether Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Swedish… it doesn’t matter. We care about results, and what your body responded to the last 10 times may not be what it will respond to today. So when you sign up for a session, you don’t need to stress about picking out which kind of massage you want. Just let us know your goals for the session, and our versatile massage therapists will take it from there.

Half Massage Session

Used for treatments requiring more frequency and shorter duration. Clients can expect to be in the office for approximately 30min from the appointment start time.

Standard Massage Session

Ideal for simpler treatments and maintenance massage. Clients can expect to be in the office between 55min and 70min from the appointment start time.

Extended Massage Session

Recommended for most treatment needs and intesive athletic prep and/or recovery. Clients can expect to be in the office between 1hr:20min and 1hr:40min from the appointment start time.

Double Massage Session

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Adjustments w/Massage Therapy

We use a different approach to offer better wellness support. Appointments are designed to help your central nervous system better receive the adjustment and hold the benefits by layering the chiropractic work with soft-tissue work, movement, and stretching over a session lasting approximately 40-minutes. A Licensed Massage Therapist will work along side your Doctor of Chiropractic to provide the soft-tissue work which supports the adjustment, so you receive the work of two specialists in the same session.

Our clients typically find that in order to maintain similar outcomes, they need to come in half to a third as often as they have in offices practicing a standard 5-15min appointment. That is fewer interruptions to your life and often less total cost. We love seeing you, but we prefer you don’t need to see us so much.

Initial Assessment & Adjustment

Initial Assessments include the first adjustment and structural, postural, and soft-tissue evaluations performed by both a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) and a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). Clients can expect to be in the office between 1hr and 1hr:15min from the appointment start time.

Chiropractic & Bodywork Session

Both our DC and LMT take a full-body approach to both treatment and maintaining wellness, so every session will address the full skeletal system. Clients can expect to be in the office between 35min and 45min from the appointment start time.


It is healthy to perform annual assessments. Additionally, an assessment session is useful after moderate to severe injuries which may have significantly impacted the skeletal system. Reassessment appointments do not include an adjustment and may be schedule in conjuction with or seperately from another appointment. Clients can expect to be in the office approximately 30min from appointment start time.

Initial Assessment & Adjustment

All first time clients will have an initial assessment & chiropractic adjustment. We aim to be thorough in our evaluation and honest in our communication of treatment intentions based on information learned in the evaluation. 

The history and needs of the individual discussed during the evaluation will determine the length of time needed for the initial assessment.  Factors that determine the amount of time spent in the assessment could be, but are not limited to, the number of current and previous injuries needing evaluation and client goals.

Initial Assessment & Adjustment Session Outline

  • Evaluations from both Doctor of Chiropractic and Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Structural, soft-tissue, and postural assessments
  • Range-of-motion assessment
  • Photos of posture
  • Review of findings
  • Agreement on treatment goals
  • First Adjustment & Bodywork Session

Reassessment Sessions should be used by returning clients for annual assessment or new moderate to severe injuries. Upon completion of assessment sessions, the DC and LMT will provide recommendations which may include future adjustments, additional massage care, corrective exercise & massage sessions, or outside referrals.

Corrective Exercise & Massage Therapy

Active lifestyles, daily behaviors (prolonged sitting, excessive typing, carrying children), and even sleep habits can add stress to the body’s musculature, often creating tightness in some muscles groups and excessive length and weakness in their overworked counterparts. If this imbalance is maintained over time, the body will compensate in ways that often increase pain and reduce functionality.

Massage Therapy to relax is great as a stress reducer, but there is another side to bodywork, and Life Moves practitioners specialize in assessing and addressing the root cause of pain due to soft-tissue dysfunction. If part of that root cause is muscular imbalance, we will likely recommend a Massage Session with Corrective Exercise. Our Massage Therapists who are also certified Corrective Exercise Specialists can return the muscle tissue to a healthy state and then utilize strategic strengthening and stretching to help keep pain away.

This process is similar to but not a replacement for Physical Therapy. We will assess and address mild to moderate imbalances and injuries. For severe injuries in which the client is not cleared for general workout, we will be happy to recommend our favorite Physical Therapists.

Corrective Exercise Session

Typically used for treatments requiring shorter duration and more frequency. Session will include some massage work or training on self-myofascial release, stretching, and strategic exercise. Clients can expect to be in the office approximately 30min from the appointment start time.

Massage & Corrective Exercise

Typically used for treatments requiring more massage work. Session will include massage, training on self-myofascial release, stretching, and strategic exercise. Clients can expect to be in the office between 50min and 70min from the appointment start time.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesiology Tape, also known as K-Tape, is the bright tape we often see on athletes on TV. It differs greatly from athletic tape by design and therefore in use. K-Tape has stretchy, and that stretch (and resulting recoil) allows for a biomechanical lift of the skin. The lift increases the interstitial space (space just below the skin) which allows for more fluid transfer. That makes K-Tape a fantastic tool for Lymphatic needs such as reducing prolonged swelling after injury or sugery.

The way K-Tape recoils on the skin also affects the nerve endings below the skin, disrupting the pain signals being delivered to the central nervous system. The can help reduce muscle tone and pain in problem areas, prolonging the effects of a bodywork session.

K-Tape during a massage session

K-Tape is an excellent way to prolong the benefits of massage treatment. There is no additional cost or time for the session.

K-Tape Assessment & Taping a la carte

Depending on how complicated the taping will need to be, clients can expect to be in the office between 20min and 30min from appointment start time. This is the best option for Lymphatic tapings (excessive swelling post injury or post surgery).

K-Tape Re-Taping a la carte

Depending on how complicated the taping is, clients can expect to be in the office between 10min and 15min from the appointment start time.

Packages & Subscriptions

We don’t require annual commitments like a lot of places; it’s just not our style. Your body and treament needs are always evolving, and we want your care plan to evolve with it. Packages and monthly subscriptions are a much easier way to save a little and keep your care reflecting your current needs. These options are available to all returning clients from within the patient portal.