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Our Team
Amanda Schoeck, LMT, CF-L1 Trainer
Owner, Massage Therapist
  • GA MT011034
  • Graduated GA Massage School March 2016
  • Over a decade experience coaching gymnastics starting in 2001
  • Passed Crossfit Level 1 Certification Exam Aug 2015
  • Attended Crossfit Kids Seminar Sept 2015
Amanda’s story:
I considered pursuing massage therapy for years before I ultimately committed to it. Massage as a career path was suggested for me regularly in high school and throughout my early twenties, but I just didn’t feel passionate enough about it. Even though I had needed massage through my years as a competitive gymnast to recover from long trainings, I never thought of it as anything more than a luxury. Massage with deep pressure felt good, but I didn’t understand what it was doing. It really took me learning the value of purposeful, intentional bodywork to take the plunge and find out the how’s and why’s.

In 2001, I began coaching gymnastics to subsidize my training and continued coaching for over a decade. In 2012, I was convinced to try that crazy Crossfit fad, and I immediately fell in love! It was the only thing to make me feel like a gymnast (like myself) again. Not being a kid anymore, my body needed a lot more care in order to handle the intensity in a healthy way. A couple years into training, I starting getting somewhat regular bodywork from a talented massage therapist in the metro-Atlanta area. Her work improved my recovery so greatly that it reignited my previous interest in becoming a bodyworker. It would still be a couple years before the timing was right, but in 2015, I finally signed up for Georgia Massage School- a program which is heavily focused on the clinical approach to resolving soft-tissue disorders with bodywork. GMS was everything I could have ever asked for and more in helping to understand how to approach various soft tissue disorders in the body.

Since graduating, I have had the fortune and pleasure of learning from several talented clinical LMT’s in and around Atlanta. Currently, my work focuses in a few areas- performing recovery massage for athletes and injuries, treating TMJ Dysfunction and migraines triggered by tension headaches, and correcting muscular imbalances and postural deviations from daily life activities (most commonly, sitting at a computer).


Amanda is the owner of and a massage therapist at Life Moves Massage Therapy. When not providing bodywork, she enjoy teaching blues dancing in the Atlanta area, being active in her community, working out, and spending time with her two adorable pups, Onyx and Raven.

Dr. Bree Graves, DC
    • GA CHIRO8081
    • Graduated Loyola University with a B.A. in Psychology 1997
    • Graduated Life University Doctor of Chiropractic Program 2003