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The Life Moves Difference

The Life Moves Manual Therapies philosophy is that wellness comes from complete care. Holding this true to our personalized care, we offer a unique experience for your complete wellness.


Chiropractic Adjustments that Work WITH Your Nervous System

In our studio, you will be treated with chiropractic care intertwined with massage care. When a Chiropractor and a Massage Therapist work in concert, layering their service back and forth, your body’s entire wellness is supported.

We offer chiropractic care and massage blended in the same session with movement and calmness, to increase your body’s responsiveness to the treatment and create a more comfortable experience. It is important to let the body breathe through and accept the attention that the chiropractor provides, thus the muscle support given intermittently through the session is used to help the body absorb the adjustment. By using this unique blend of chiropractic adjustment and massage, your body will need fewer adjustments long term and your overall response to the adjustments will be smoother and more comfortable.


Massage Therapy with a Purpose

Life Moves Manual Therapies’ philosophy of care is to serve your needs to build better wellness. Our massage therapy offers each client a specific path built with care and purpose. During your initial visit you and your therapist will build a goal centered plan for your personalized massage therapy path with your wellness at the core.


Care You Can Take Home

Your overall wellness is paramount in the Life Moves Manual Therapies model, so we use our experience and knowledge to best support the long-term effects of treatment for your body. When you enter into the massage therapy care of LMMT, you will get the added benefit of learning specific corrective exercises, stretches, and recommended habits to support your personal wellness goals. We will encourage activities and habits which reduce the frequency of visits needed to achieve and maintain optimal health.


Live to move. Move to live.