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Body Care for Office Workers & Long Commutes
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LMMT COMMUNITY SESSIONS: Back to School Body Care Class

Body Care for Office Workers & Long Commutes

Body Care for Office Workers & Long Commutes


Sitting for extended periods of time either in front of a computer or in a car can wreak havoc on the body. Most people are aware of the low back pain, stiff shoulders, and neck pain. But many don’t know how these can relate to leg pain/restless legs, migraines, and intensified physical effects of anxiety. Even fewer know how to combat these effects.

So we have created a Body Care class just for our community members who work at a desk all day or have a long commute. In this class, we will simplify what happens with the body when sitting for prolonged periods and provide healthy habits to help undo the negative effects.

The class is free and open to the community, but we do need people to RSVP. Click on the date highlighted below to reserve your seat.