As a community, we are restricting our interactions to protect our most vulnerable populations and reduce overwhelm to our healthcare system. For many, these measures will impose financial and emotional hardships. At a time when inaction (self-quarantine) is the answer, let's remember that there are still actionable ways to take care of ourselves, and maintain our immune systems and physical and mental well-being.

To help encourage these positive behaviors, Life Moves MT is hosting a Quarantine Wellness Challenge! We know not everyone will be able to participate, but for those who can, we invite you to take part, and use any extra time at home to build some of those healthy habits you've been meaninng to start!


The challenge starts on Wednesday, March 18th and will run for at least for 4 weeks but may run longer if Cobb County Schools remain closed.

Joining us after the 18th? No problem! Scores will be the total of your two best weeks.

Even though scores are week-long intervals, we encourage you to start anytime and use the first few days to a week for practice.


In your home of course!
This challenge is completely designed for encouraging healthy habits in our present constraints.

But don't worry. You won't be left on your own.
Stay in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram for plenty of links, tips, and video how-to's.

NOT A FACEBOOK MEMBER? THAT'S OK! Public Facebook pages are available to anyone.


We want to encourage healthy habits and for our community to stick together, so we're offering a discounted session to all participants!*

5% off for every 50pts (max 30%) + 5% off for each friend who registers and participates (max 20%) = up to 50% off a session for all participants.

*Redeemable for up to one year after social distancing advisements have been lifted.

*If you are not local, we apologize, but there is no cash value for the discounted session.


All you need to participate is an internet connection and the PDF Tracking Sheet.


If you want your score tracked to earn a discounted session, you must also register below and submit your weekly tracking sheet.

For suggestions on PDF submissions, see the FAQ below.

In order to have your score tracked and receive your discounted session, please register below:


According to the National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute, sleep impacts brain function, emotional well-being, and hormone levels which impact feelings of hunger, blood-sugar levels, and the body's ability to recover from physical activity. Most importantly, sleep impacts your immune system's ability to respond.
1PT - 7-8hrs sleep2PTS - 8+hrs sleep
Especially in times of stress or overwhelm, we find taking breaks to detach mentally from stressors to be a healthy practice. This is why we are giving points for consuming thoughts by either reading a book or listening to an audiobook. This does not include the news or work-related learning.
1PT - 15min per day (up to 7 points per week
Shorts bursts of stretching throughout the day to breakup repetitive activities is an important habit to develop for maintaining wellness. It can only take 2-3minutes of "undoing" to counteract 1-2hrs of repetitive positions such as sitting at a desk.
1PT - 2-3 snacks per day 2PTS - 3-4snacks per day
Research shows that regualrly practicing gratitude has positive neural effects on the brain. This can be done by journaling daily, writing a sincere thank you letter, or just taking the time to think of something you are grateful for and allowing yourself to sit with that feeling for a minute. Don't short change yourself of the benefits here; really take a moment to experience the gratitude.
1PT per day you practice graitude (up to 7 points per week)
Chiropractic & Massage care are meant to supplement quality self-care in the most ideal world. Taking 30min our of your day to check in with your body, stretch, and give some self massage goes a long way towards maintaining in between bodywork appointments.
1PT - 15min stretching per day 1PT - 15min self-massage per day
Many people are working from home or finding themselves without work during this community quarantine. Those who are self-employed or already work from home can atest to a transition period for figuring out how to remain productive, and having a schedule can really help. To reduce stress and disorientation, keep a schedule and set an alarm for waking at least 5 days a week.
1PT each day you schedule for the next day (up to 5 points per week)
According to the CDC, being properly hydrated helps to regulate internal temperature, lubricate joints, protect your spinal cord, and eliminate waste. In our experience, drinking at least a few cups a day on an empty stomach has a positive effect on fascia and connective tissues when practiced as a daily habit.
1PT - 64+oz water/day1PT - 16oz before eating or brushing teeth
Just because we can't be with people in person, does not mean we need to be isolated. We are encouraging some sort of daily connection at least 5 days per week. What counts?
15min non-work-related phone or video chat with a friend or family member
Posting photo/video proof of your healthy habits so we can cheer each other on as a community
1PT per connection (max 1 per day; max 5 per week; max 3 per type; posts must tag @lifemovesmt)
Chronic stress can increase inflammation and cause disruption to immune system function, increasing the likelihood of becoming ill or exacerbating preexisting conditions. Breathing exercises help to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, giving your body a break from "fight-or-flight" mode.
1PT EACH - 1min breathing exercise breaks (up to 3pts/day)
Goals are easier to acheive if you have a way to be held accountable. Submit your weekly score sheet (we'll take care of adding up the points), each Wednesday by 11:59PM EST so we can update the leaderboard by Friday. You can print or digitally complete your tracking sheet. Email digital copies to challenge@lifemovesmt.com. For printed copies, take a photo and upload to FB or IG with our tags.
1PT per week for on time submissions (IG submissions: @lifemovesmt #quarantinewellnesschallenge)


Why does a wellness challenge not include nutrition?

While healthy eating habits are a big part of wellness, we have chosen to exclude it as part of the scoring criteria for two reasons. Firstly, nutrition is very individual based on many variable factors. We have chosen healthy habits which are fairly universal. Secondly, there is added stress around availability of certain food products at this time. We aim for participants to focus on the more controllable wellness practices at this time.

What is the best way to use the tracking sheet?

Each week, you should submit an updated Tracking Sheet if you want your score calculated. Please remember to use the alias name you have chosen for the leaderboard. If completing the PDF digitally you can update the same document each week and resubmit. If printing and completing on paper, you can reprint a blank sheet each week.

  • If tracking on your phone, you can edit the PDF the same way you edit a photo and draw on it. To submit, just post to Instagram and tag @lifemovesmt #quarantinewellnesschallenge
  • If tracking from your desktop, the PDF will be interactive once downloaded. It can be updated and saved using a PDF reader. To submit, email challenge@lifemovesmt.com Please note that if updating in an internet browser instead of a PDF reader, the changes may not save properly.
  • You can also print copies of the tracking sheet and submit them by posting or emailing a photo of them.

Who can join?

Anyone with an internet connection. This was originally designed for our local clients, but we realize that it is easy for almost anyone to participate, and we wish to serve the largest community possible. We believe that over the next few months, it will be critical to maintain a sense of community and a commitment to wellness at home. So invite your friends. They can join whenever.

How long will this run?

As mentioned above, this will run for a minimum of 4 weeks; however, it is designed to serve us as long as severe social distancing measures are needed. For the most up-to-date information on continuing past 4 weeks, please see our public Facebook page: www.facebook.com/lifemovesmt