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Everybody Moves Community

A Philosophy of Longevity in Body and Community

Beyond complete body wellness, Life Moves Massage Therapy supports our community of staff through life-sustainable wages and community support.  Our staff are fully compensated for their time and expertise, so we support a culture without tipping.  However, if you wish to give beyond your rate, these funds will go to support the wellness of others by providing a booster fund for clients in need of a sliding scale fee for the services they receive.  These two elements of the Life Moves difference allow for us to sustain our staff and give back by supporting a community that shares a passion for wellness and care.

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Nominate an individual or family to receive care.
As a patient of Life Moves Massage Therapy, you can nominate an individual or family in need or care at reduced pricing. We do require you to confirm with the recipient(s) that care is desired.
Non-patients are also welcome to nominate themselves.

Everybody Moves Nomination Form