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Body Maintenance Education


At Life Moves Massage Therapy, our focus is not only on treatment; we are passionate about encouraging our community to take a more proactive role in their well-being by providing easily-digestible, good information for daily and at-home care. We know that many people already want to do this but just don’t know how. We believe in providing simplified information to help make new habits easily adaptable for adults in their workplace or the gym as well as for children.

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In the Workplace

Lunch-and-Learns are a great way to provide your employees access to information on how to relieve, manage, and prevent:

  • Low Back Pain & Sciatica
  • Neck Strain and the Tension Headaches and Migraines that follow
  • Rounded Shoulders/Shoulder Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Symptoms
  • Tightness in the Hips
  • General Recovery from & Self-Care for Desk Life


In the Gym

We know you constantly encourage your members to warm-up before and stretch after their workouts. Some tend to take that more to heart than others though, right? Let us help you encourage improved self-care with informative sessions that break down both the how and the why we take care of ourselves the way that we do. Some sample topics are:

  • The Ins and Outs of Hip Flexor Care… and why it matters
  • From the Ground, Up: How unnoticed issues in your feet, ankles and calves can negatively impact your squat, knees, hips, and posterior chain… and what to do about it.
  • Increasing Shoulder Stability & Range-of-Motion
  • The End of RICE: Localized inflammation actually helps your body heal
  • Efficient Recovery
  • Body Care for Runners


Muscle Know-how for Kids & Teens!

Did you know children are starting to have negative postural changes from computer time before they are even teens? Some children are already getting tension headaches from forward head posture and grinding their teeth before the age of 10. Amanda has worked with children for 16 years, primarily as a coach and trainer and believes strongly in educating children on developing good habits from a young age. She provides age-level appropriate information and guides fun activities to help children and young adults learn to think through self-care. As a school or troop speaker, she will cover areas such as:

  • What to do when you’re done sitting for a long time
  • How cool and important the jaw is, and how to take care of it
  • Finding your headache and getting rid of it (parents may really want to know this too!)


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