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Happy 2019! We want you to see the difference quality care can make.

Through January, you can get started for 40%OFF!

(1) Initial Full Assessment & Adjustment ($130 $75)

(1) 60min Massage Session ($80 $50)

Purchase your package for $125 below. Then schedule online or by phone.

Why choose Life Moves MT?

Our Chiropractors have Massage Therapists assisting during the adjustment instead of massage just before or after an adjustment. This ensures the muscular work provided is exactly that which supports the adjustment. Our method also allows the practitions to layer their techniques and create the most change with the least amount of aggression. Less aggression means a milder recovery response from the body. Mixed with targeted soft-tissue care, we find that our results last up to 3 times longer than those from the standard adjustment practice. Longer-lasting results means fewer adjustments which reduces the risk of over-adjustment and creating instability.


  • Chiropractor & Massage Therapist work together at the same time.
  • Full-body approach
  • Chiropractors adjust specific segmets
  • Layered, targeted work = maximum positive change + less aggressive methods
  • Less agressive methods = less recovery time
  • Longer session = calmer nervous system
  • Less recovery + targeted work + relaxed nervous system = longer-lasting results
  • Lasting results = less frequent adjustments
  • Less frequent, specific adjustments = reduced risk of instability
  • Every session is different and based on your body


  • Chiropractor and Massage Therapist do not work directly together = less efficient care
  • Extremeties often ignored
  • Many chiropractors adjust entire spinal sections for maximum “pops”
  • Soft-tissue issues often not fully resolved = frequent adjustments required
  • Initial care typically requires multiple appointments per week
  • Maximum time between appointments is 2 weeks
  • Frequent adjustments of entire sectionss = possible over-adjustment, lax ligaments and instability
  • “Assembly line” adjustments don’t address changes from previous sessions


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“I think the biggest thing I appreciate about the staff at Life Moves is that they go above and beyond to assess your specific needs and then teach you what’s going on with your body. They break down each of the parts being worked so that you can understand how your day-to-day activities may be affecting your form.

This is the first time I’ve started to feel lasting relief from my lower back pain and I highly recommend this team if you need any type of work; either pain management or maintenance.” – A. C.

“The professionalism and level of service here cannot be beat. I have been going to chiropractors for 12 years off and on for intermittent need but I have never had the maintenance and treatment last as long or feel as good as when I visit LMMT. The experience is completely different and my body never feels the shock of normal chiropractic care. Instead, the simultaneous mix of massage and chiropractic care settles on my body so much faster and sustains so much longer. I never hesitate to come in with my intermittent injuries from hobbies because Amanda and her staff have years of experience with athletes and their physical needs. Thank you LMMT for helping my life move more easily and without pain!” – E. B.