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New to LMMT


Below is all the information needed for someone new to Life Moves Massage Therapy. You can found out about out Services available, Pricing, Locations, what to expect from your First Appointment, and Forms to bring to your first visit.


Clinical Bodywork

Massage Therapy for treating soft-tissue injuries and maintaining healthy muscle tone.

Bodywork with a Purpose

Massage Therapy to relax is great as a stress reducer, but there is another side to bodywork. LMMT practitioners specialize in assessing and addressing the root cause of pain due to soft-tissue dysfunction.

Chiropractic Care with Bodywork

A different approach to offer better wellness support.

Adjustments that work WITH your body!

Appointments are designed to help your central nervous system better receive the adjustment and hold the benefits by layering the chiropractic work with soft-tissue work, movement, and stretching over a 40-minute session.

Corrective Exercises & Stretching

Reduce pain, and keep it away!

Less Pain Every Day

Daily physical demands and sleep habits can often weaken some muscles and overwork their counterparts. LMMT practitioners recommend strategic strengthening and stretching to help keep pain away.


Clinical Massage

Each massage session provides time for assessment and treatment using a variety of massage techniques designed to help your body feel freer and stronger. Active lifestyles and daily behaviors (prolonged sitting, excessive typing) add stress to the body’s musculature, often creating tightness or imbalance. If muscle tissue health is maintained improperly, the body can protect itself in ways that often increase pain and reduce functionality

Half Session – $40
TMJD/Migraine Session –  $60
Standard Session – $75
Extended Session – $105
Double Session – $140

Chiropractic Adjustment with Bodywork

Initial Assessments last approximately an hour and include the first adjustment. Structural, postural, and soft-tissue evaluations are performed by both a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) and a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). Adjustments last approximately 30-40 minutes and include treatment from both the DC and the LMT. Adjustments are currently only available at the Vinings Home Office.

Initial Assessment & First Adjustment – $125
Adjustment – $75



We are located between Marietta Square and East Cobb, easily accessible to I-75 at 1800 Roswell Rd #1050, Marietta, GA 30062.


Please park on the far (West) side of the building from the parking lot entrance. There is an entrance directly into the clinic.


Your First Appointment with LMMT

First appointments include a full assessment. We aim to be thorough in our evaluation and honest in our communication of treatment intentions based on information learned in the evaluation. 

The history and needs of the individual discussed during the evaluation will determine the length of time needed for the initial assessment.  Factors that determine the amount of time spent in the assessment could be, but are not limited to, the number of current and previous injuries needing evaluation and client goals. For example, a new massage client who is looking to continue muscle maintenance with LMMT as their new provider may take 5 mins to evaluate while an assessment for someone with years of ROM limitations or major injuries may take upwards of 20 mins to complete.  

Chiropractic Initial Assessment

  • Evaluations from both Doctor of Chiropractic and Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Structural, soft-tissue, and postural assessments
  • Range-of-motion assessment
  • Photos of posture
  • Review of findings
  • Agreement on treatment goals
  • First Adjustment & Bodywork Session
  • Available on at Vinings Home Office

Clinical Bodywork Initial Session

  • Soft-tissue and postural assessments
  • Range-of-motion assessment
  • Photos of posture (if postural goals expressed)
  • Injury assessment (if applicable)
  • Agreement on treatment goals
  • Bodywork for remainder of time

New clients can book their first appointment by calling 678-883-LMMT(5668) or by scheduling here.


Initial intake forms can be printed and completed at home, or you can arrive at your initial appointment 15min ahead of time to complete your forms in person.

Client Information Form
Policies & Procedures

Patient Portal

After your initial appointment, a login is issued to access our patient portal where you will be able to schedule future appointments and keep track of your personal recommendations for home care.