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LMMT Services

Massage Services

In-house Assessment & Massage

Greater scheduling flexibility and a quieter setting.

Let LMMT Take Care of You

Clients can book throughout the week at our Vinings location near the AMC theater at Cumberland Mall. Sessions from 40 to 130 minutes are available, or you can come in for a shorter recovery session- exclusively for on-going treatments that require more frequent attention.

On-site Massage Days

We're mobile, and we'd love to come spend the day with you!

You Provide the Access

You can bring LMMT into your gym, office, care facility or home to give you members, employees, or loved ones convenient access to the care they need. Don't have a private space? That's OK- we are prepared with a portable room set-up.

Self-Maintenance Education

Gym members recover faster.
Employees make less pain the new normal.

Less Pain Every Day

Each hour session is customized to your group's needs whether it's faster recovery times from training or common workplace ailments such as low back pain and carpal tunnel symptoms. Empower your members to live with less pain.

During Your Massage

Massage Techniques

We specialize in rehabilitating and maintaining favorable muscular function through a variety of specialized modalities optimizing each session time.

Clients primarily choose LMMT for what is considered clinical or sports massage which often involves deep tissue work and neuromuscular or trigger point therapies. Additionally, we often employ active and passive range of motion during compression to enhance benefits.

Kinesiology Taping

Help your muscles re-educate themselves!

K-taping is available with or without massage to help reduce pain, re-educate muscle fibers, assist in lymph drainage, and increase range-of-motion. K-tape is available for purchase since many follow-up taping application can be completed at home.


Fast pain relief with natural ingredients.

Cryoderm is a topical pain reliever used by massage therapists, physical therapist and other healthcare professionals to treat muscle, joint and neurological conditions. Applications during massages are complimentary.