Health & Safety

Life Moves Manual Therapies (LMMT) and its staff are committed to providing a safe environment for its clients and staff. To achieve a safe environment, we review guidelines from local and national authorities including but not limited to the CDC; manage health and safety risks in our workplace; provide clear instructions and adequate training to ensure employees are competent to perform tasks; provide basic personal protective equipment to employees and clients; and maintain safety protocols to ensure a safe environment for our clients and staff.

Regular review of policies takes place during regularly scheduled meetings. New health and safety procedures are introduced via training for all staff. 



Each Monday morning, using the CDC’s COVID-19 by County Community Level Check tool, we assess the COVID-19 risk level in Cobb Co (the county in which Life Moves Manual Therapies’ physical office resides). Signage on the front door of the office indicates if the status is LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH. Clients and staff are expected to check the front door signage upon entry at each visit. 

If Cobb Co is listed as LOW:

  • Masks are not required in the office, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Clients will complete a question on their check-in forms indicating that YES they prefer their practitioner(s) to wear a mask during their session, or that they have NO PREFERENCE.
  • Clients or practitioners may always choose to wear a mask if they prefer.

If Cobb Co is listed as MEDIUM or HIGH: 

  • We require that all clients, regardless of vaccination status, wear an appropriate face covering over their nose and mouth while in shared spaces (lobby, front desk, hallways). Clients up to date* on their COVID-19 vaccinations may choose to remove their mask in treatment rooms, when no other clients are in the treatment room. To take advantage of this, vaccination information must be up to date with the front desk team.
  • All clients, regardless of vaccination status, may remove their mask when face down on a treatment table, to support adequate air intake. LMMT staff wear masks at all times when interacting with clients. 

LMMT provides KN95 and surgical masks to its staff, and provides surgical masks to clients who have not brought their own. Masks are available at all times, and during all risk levels. Surgical masks can be located on the front wall just inside the door. During times of LOW risk, clients may request a KN95 mask from the staff for their chiropractic sessions, where they may be interacting with other un-masked clients.

*According to the CDC, a person is considered up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations if they have received all recommended doses in the primary series, and at least one booster dose when eligible. For booster eligibility details and additional information, visit:

Cleaning Procedures

All staff members thoroughly wash their hands before and after each massage session. Staff members sanitize hands when moving between clients in the chiropractic room. 

After each client, staff members sanitize face cradles, bottles, and other high touch surfaces with a virucidal disinfectant. Linens are also changed between every client.

All treatment rooms are equipped with HEPA-filtered Air Purifiers, designed to remove air particles as small as .01 microns in size, which includes coronaviruses. 

Hand sanitizer is available in all rooms, including the front desk, and a sink equipped with soap is available to our staff and clients within our suite.

Exposure Policy

All staff have been trained regarding COVID-19 self-screening. Staff members with known exposure to COVID-19 or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms without fever must obtain a negative rapid or PCR test prior to returning to work. Staff members exhibiting a fever shall not come to work until 24 hours after regular body temperature returns, and a negative rapid or PCR COVID-19 test has been obtained. 

If a client begins exhibiting symptoms of illness, or has known exposure to illness, we ask that they reschedule or cancel their appointment (for no fee). Clients are expected to be well prior to arriving in our office to limit the spread of any illness.


Shared restroom facilities are available just outside our suite.
Our suite contains a sink with soap for additional hand washing.
Filtered or bottled drinking water is available to our clients and staff.
Wires are taped over with gaffer’s tape to reduce tripping hazard.