Everybody Moves


Physical pain, movement restrictions, and an improperly functioning nervous system can greatly affect a person’s ability to earn income, complete daily responsibilities, and interact with loved ones. It is our mission as providers to support our community by supporting the human body. We achieve this mission through our services offered and educational opportunities provided.

As an employer, it is also our mission to support our community of staff through life-sustainable wages. To achieve this, we fully compensate our staff for their time and expertise, and support a culture without tipping.

To ensure we can continue to provide needed care for ALL of our clients, while providing a respectful compensation for our staff, we have established our Booster Fund, Everybody Moves. Funds collected for Everybody Moves go to support the wellness of others by either partially or fully subsidizing services as needed, as well as creating opportunities for community outreach.

Contributions are made to Everybody Moves in two ways: “tips” and retail. A “tip” can be added on to any service— massage therapy, chiropractic, or corrective exercise.

100% of “tips” collected are considered contributions to Everybody Moves.

For the convenience of our clients, we carry some retail products that are most often recommended by our team.

Profits generated from retail sales are also contributions to Everybody Moves. We retain only what is needed to cover the administrative & handling costs of managing our retail items.

This element of the Life Moves MT difference allows us to sustain our staff, and give back by supporting a community that shares a passion for wellness and care.

Nominate an individual or family

As a patient of Life Moves Manual Therapies, you can nominate an individual or family in need for care at reduced pricing.

We require you to confirm with the recipient(s) that care is desired.

Non-patients are also welcome to nominate themselves.