Surgery Prep & Recovery

Support from Start to Finish

We’ve seen how much the quality of preparation for and recovery from surgical procedures can influence the long term effects of surgery. If you are already investing the downtime and committing to the financial & energy requirements, you want the best long term outcome. That’s where we come in.

Whether the surgery is oral, orthopedic, or cosmetic, our team supports our patients entering surgery in the best possible condition and enhances the recovery experience with additional structural, lymphatic, and soft-tissue support.

"I came in on 3/1 for a MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) session with Kelly, post open knee surgery on 2/24 to repair a displaced fracture of my left tibial plateau. The day of my appointment I was in a significant amount of pain, with a fair amount of swelling in my knee, calf (which was firm on palpation due to swelling) and ankle. The session was great, and Kelly was awesome at explaining what she was doing, the purpose, and how the process works on the body. Immediately after the session, I had to tighten my brace by at least an inch all the way up my leg to account for the reduction in swelling. I experienced an enormous reduction in my pain and discomfort both immediately afterwards and for the rest of the day, to the point that I was able to sleep fully through the night (13 hours!) for the first time since my fracture occurred on 2/13. I have been waking up due to pain and discomfort 2-3 times a night since the initial break, so this was just a miracle as far as I am concerned. I continue to feel so much better today. I’m so grateful for Kelly’s help and this service, and really looking forward to my next appointment!"

A Strong Foundation

Recovering from surgery is easiest when the rest of the body is functioning well. Unfortunately, joint dysfunction that requires surgery is typically is caused by or creates other dysfunction and compensatory patterns. Our whole body approach allows our team to address related musculoskeletal issues effectively and help prepare your body for its best surgery recovery.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Originally developed to control post-mastectomy lymphedema, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage is an exceptional tool to prepare for and recover from swelling related to surgery. Our MLD-certified massage therapist(s) utilize gentle and superficial strokes to improve circulation for lymphatic and interstitial fluids.

Weight Loss Support

Weight loss is often recommended prior to joint replacement surgery. This can be especially difficult when pain from the affected joint inhibits activity. We provide coaching and tools to support healthy weight loss, even for those with little to no “extra” time. If our in-house program is not the right fit, we have a network of professionals we trust to help guide you to success.

Continuous Support

Throughout recovery, we work with your physical therapist to compliment the care they provide and increase your recovery speed. Often, insurance can dictate a discharge from physical therapy before you reach maximum improvement from your surgery recovery. After discharge, our team will support your continued progress and maintenance.