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Educating your employees on foundational concepts for life’s daily movement-related decisions is key. It is not enough to only talk about and learn “what” to do. We find that also providing the “why” in a simple and digestible form yields longer term and therefore more impactful changes. See below for a selection of some of our most popular workshops.


Wellness training without support of leadership is limited in its impact. Our Managing Wellness workshop paired with our individual or small-group leadership coaching ensures that leaders contribute to a company culture that supports increased productivity through wellness by using both example-setting and effective team management strategies.

Massage Days

For companies located in the Atlanta metropolitan area, Life Moves MT is available for on-site employee massage days. Regular massage days reduce headache frequency, improve sleep, prevent repetitive strain injuries, decrease carpal tunnel symptoms, low back pain, and shoulder pain, and increase focus, energy, and mental clarity.

Amanda Schoeck

Movement Expert

Amanda is the owner of Life Moves Manual Therapies. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and certified in Corrective Exercise. Prior to her career in massage, Amanda spent years teaching athletes in gymnastics, martial arts, and dance, making her uniquely qualified to communicate the body’s needs simply & accessibly. Between her work with athletes and as a manual therapist, Amanda has spent over 2 decades developing her expertise as a movement and wellness professional.


Educating employees on foundational concepts for life's daily decisions related to movement is key. It is not enough to merely share "what" to do. We find that providing the "why" in a simple and digestible form yields longer term, and therefore more impactful, changes. Here is selection of some of our most popular workshops.

body care for desk workers

Provide efficient & effective tools to employees to combat pain issues that commonly develop from desk work.

staying active while aging

Understanding how the body is changing informs healthier choices & enables employees to remain active as they age.

cultivating calm

Learn how to maintain a healthy nervous system, even in times of stress. Best paired with Managing Wellness.

body care for travel

Provide employees with tools to better plan for & recover from travel, reducing injuries and work hours lost.

understanding & addressing back pain

Empower employees to better recognize & resolve back pain. Build foundations for them to prevent future back issues.

understanding & addressing neck pain

Employees build a foundation for healthy neck maintenance and a toolkit for addressing the onset of neck pain.

managing wellness

Wellness culture comes from leadership. Leaders develop strategies that increase both wellness & productivity.

plan for recovery

Shift employees from reactive to proactive when faced with a work sprint – helping them to reset and maintain high productivity.

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wellness impacts your bottom line

million work hours are lost annually in the USA due to headaches & migraines.
billion dollars in lost work time accrue annually due to common pain issues such as headaches and back pain.


the return on wellness

A company's investment in employee wellness is recovered exponentially in productivity, retention, & employment costs.

reduce employee turnover

Your company’s commitment to employee wellness defines your company’s culture and directly impacts your employee turnover rate.

minimze lost work time

Headache and back pain days do not only interfere with an employee’s home life; they can take away from valuable work time.

decrease health care costs

Employers who provide health insurance can see up to a 6:1 return on dollars spent for employee wellness through reduced health care costs.

lower stress & increase morale

Lowering the amount of stress experienced and improving employee morale amplify the benefits of reducing turnover, decreasing absenteeism, and improving productivity.

If you invest in your employees, you are ultimately investing in your company.

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