Injury Recovery

Recover More Completely to Prevent Future Injury.

When a patient comes in after an injury, the first priority is to recover as completely as possible. Once recovered, we focus on stabilizing the affected areas before moving completely into maintenance. Recovering completely means not only reducing the pain, but also returning the affected joints and soft tissue structures to healthy function and range-of-motion, and undoing any compensatory movement patterns that have developed.

It is worth repeating: Recovering completely also means returning the affected joints and soft tissue structures to healthy function and range-of-motion, as well as undoing any compensatory movement patterns that have developed.

Humans are motivated by pain, so we typically consider ourselves healed from injuries when we don’t feel them anymore. This incomplete recovery can leave us vulnerable to the long-term development of unhealthy movement patterns, new injuries that seemingly “come out of nowhere,” and long-term joint inflammation issues such as arthritis and stenosis.

By recovering more completely and stabilizing weakened joints, we not only decrease the likelihood of repeat injuries, we prevent future related injuries.

"I never hesitate to come in with my intermittent injuries from hobbies because Amanda and her staff have years of experience with athletes and their physical needs. Thank you LMMT for helping my life move more easily and without pain!"

Back & Neck Injuries

Our approach of layering chiropractic and soft tissue treatment helps us achieve more efficient results for our clients. Our comprehensive assessment ensures that we help support long term stability and relief. The LMMT team is expert in addressing sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction, bulging and herniated discs, sciatica & piriformis syndrome, whiplash injuries, and muscular strains in the back & neck.

Shoulder & Arm Injuries

Due to its range-of-motion, maintaining healthy shoulder movement requires complex muscle firing patterns which can be easily impaired by muscular imbalance or restriction. Further down the arm, nerve compression is the most common root cause of elbow and forearm injuries. This is why targeted massage work is a go-to treatment for rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and impingement issues

Knee, Foot, & Ankle Injuries

Feet are often very slow to heal because they are far away from the heart and therefore have worse circulation. Massage increases blood and fluid flow, which is vital to ankle and knee injury recovery. Don’t settle for a slow or partial recovery. Utilizing massage can improve recovery and function for sprains, plantar fasciitis, meniscus pain, hamstring pulls, or patellar dysfunction.

Orthopedic Assessment

At Life Moves MT, our Licensed Massage Therapists are trained in orthopedic assessment and are highly skilled in determining which modalities to employ for the most effective treatment of soft tissue injuries.

Our team is proficient and experienced in resolving soft tissue injuries. When an injury is more severe, our expert soft tissue treatments support your Physical Therapy treatments to help accelerate your recovery.