Desk Workers

Rediscover Balance.

We think of work-life balance as the balance of time you spend working versus the time you spend enjoying life outside of work. We know that stressing out about work outside of work disrupts that balance, but we rarely hear new clients acknowledge how much their physical work demands are creating pain issues that are disrupting life outside of work—especially with desk work. Maybe that’s because we don’t think of desk work as intense. It sure doesn’t look like a workout in the gym.

By now, most of us have heard from somewhere that sitting all day is bad for us, or maybe that it is killing us. But do we understand why? Why does something that takes such little effort hurt us?

First, there is the lack of movement. Not enough movement can result in poor circulation over time, especially to the lower limbs.

Second, there are musculoskeletal issues that develop from sitting at a desk all day. Sitting postures tuck our pelvis, requiring a lot of additional effort from our postural muscles to keep us upright. These postural muscles can become fatigued or shortened, impacting our phasic (movement) muscles and creating imbalance that follows us outside of work, while we try to enjoy the rest of our lives.

Our team expertly assesses imbalance resulting from prolonged sitting. We proactively treat & address issues resulting from sitting by utilizing simple and effective interventions.

"I think the biggest thing I appreciate about the staff at Life Moves is that they go above and beyond to assess your specific needs and then teach you what's going on with your body. They break down each of the parts being worked so that you can understand how your day-to-day activities may be affecting your form."

Undoing a Day of Sitting

Sitting at a desk all day can create a predictable set of imbalances, leaving our bodies susceptible to frequent headaches, shoulder tension, carpal tunnel symptoms, back pain, and knee injuries. We provide quality massage and chiropractic care as well as short, simple activities to do at home, to efficiently and effectively undo the daily strain of desk work.

Life Outside of Work

“Live to Move” is central to our mission. We are passionate about ensuring our clients are capable of doing the things they love. Long hours at a computer can create issues that disrupt life and keep us from our favorite activities. Our team is here to help. We are experts at reducing the impact of desk work to keep you doing what matters most.

Protect Fitness Goals

Throughout the year, heavier work cycles can mean more desk time and higher stress. These cycles can take a physical toll and set up your body for easy injury. Massage and chiropractic help, but with regular care at LMMT, you also get our proactive team checking for imbalance before it causes a noticeable issue! We are here to help keep you moving and protect your fitness goals.

Chiropractic & Massage care have the best results when they supplement frequent, quality self-care. Practicing a blend of professional care with self care ensures your body gets the frequency of recovery work it needs to avoid the consequences of long hours sitting in front of a computer.