Better Performance.
Faster Recovery.

Function. Proper spinal alignment improves nervous system function which can lead to improved performance and more healthy & non-injured days. Optimal muscle length and tone positively impact speed, agility, and power.

Education. Professional manual therapists can recognize possible patterns resulting from imbalance. During training & recovery, you may be able to recognize that one side is regularly tighter than another, but a professional can help determine why and if the imbalance is causing any issues in performance.

Safety. Frequent self adjustments can lead to ligament laxity, inflammation, and instability. A professional can determine which specific segments need to be adjusted and can safely target only those joints. Professionals are also trained to gently work in areas called “Areas of Caution” which are areas not advised for self care.

"Before coming to Life Moves Manual Therapies I did not trust chiropractors and massage therapists. Most places I went to just did stuff without really explaining what they were doing and I felt my body did not get the best results possible. As a soccer player, it is easy to feel when something is not working and with past experiences, I would just stop going. From the start, Life Moves Manual gave me the complete opposite experience. They were constantly explaining what the plan was and how everything would help me reach the goals I wanted to achieve. I feel like I have a whole team that is there every time I go, trying to prepare my body for the grueling weeks of training. Because of them, I have been able to fix my cramping problems, body aches, stamina, and overall performance on the field. It has helped boost my confidence because I know my body is being taken care of by true experts. I recommend everyone to go see Life Moves Manual Therapies if you want your body feeling at its best." - Kevin Barajas, Pro Soccer Player

Professional & Elite Athletes

Perfecting your game involves countless repetitions over many years, which often leads to strength imbalances in the body. Sometimes those imbalances can serve you, but sometimes they hinder performance. We ensure that our elite athletes are able to perform at their highest capacity, often helping to increase stamina, power output, accuracy, and control.

Youth Athletes

“They’re kids, they’ll recover!” Kids are super resilient, but this fact often means that their aches, pains, and developing imbalances go the most unnoticed. Our team of practitioners understands that there is a level of discomfort that comes with intensely practicing a sport. We help kids and parents focus on the aches & pains that may impact their performance or create long term issues.

Everyday Athletes

Our office workers, dental hygienists, nurses, parents, factory & construction workers, and traveling workers are all balancing jobs that require repetitive movements with after-work & weekend workouts, sports, and physical hobbies. With maintenance care, our LMMT team helps recognize developing imbalance before it interferes with what they love.

Up-and-Coming Athletes

Whether you’ve been away from training for a while, or you’re starting to exercise for the very first time, increasing physical activity with excess weight on the joints requires its own unique considerations. Our team is here to support your overall wellness, movement and fitness goals while helping to maintain healthy joint and soft-tissue function.

Chiropractic & Massage care have the best results when they supplement frequent, quality self-care. Practicing a blend of professional care with self care ensures that athletes can train & compete at their greatest potential.