Our Team

Dr. Bree Graves Headshot

Dr. Bree Graves

DC, CES, Webster Technique

Dr. Bree obtained her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University. She has a breadth of experience with all kinds of cases, but has a particular interest in prenatal and postpartum care. Dr. Bree is certified in Webster Technique, which is a specialized chiropractic technique for pregnancy. 

Dr. Bree grew up on the bayou near New Orleans, and we are grateful that she has endured “food purgatory” to be with us on our team. 

When she’s not dreaming of New Orleans beignets, she enjoys running and playing tennis, and being a mother to her three awesome teenage/adult children.


Dr. Li Ma Headshot

Dr. Li Ma


Dr. Li attended Life University for her Doctorate in Chiropractic after passing her exams for Certified Massage Therapist of Ontario, a 2000-hr program for massage integrated into the health system.

Dr. Li brings a positive energy and enthusiasm for learning, as she expands her skillset with BGI technique, an understanding of Atlas-Orthogonal technique, and her ongoing studies in functional medicine.

By the way, as a lover of all things cute, but especially cats, she’d love to see a picture of your adorable cats at your next appointment.


Amanda Schoeck Headshot

Amanda Schoeck

LMT, CES, CF-L1, Owner

Amanda graduated from Georgia Massage School with her Massage certification, after spending years competing in & coaching gymnastics, and coaching Cross Fit. 

Amanda has developed specific passion for treating TMJ/related issues through massage therapy, and it is her current favorite deep-dive topic.

Outside of running Life Moves MT, Amanda is active in the Atlanta blues dance scene and her neighborhood tennis scene. She also loves hiking with her dogs, Raven and Onyx.


Anna Zuver Headshot

Anna Zuver

LMT, CES, Office Manager

Anna attended Georgia Massage School after earning her BS.Ed. in Exercise & Sport Science from UGA (go Dawgs!). 

Anna loves working with all clients, but especially loves working with our athletic populations & elite athlete teens. She is also passionate about administrative work, doing double-duty as our office manager.

Anna is a life-long endurance athlete – she raced bikes (road & track) through high school and college, and now focuses on inline speed skating and consuming Willy’s burritos.


Katria Fuller Headshot

Katria (Tria) Fuller

LMT, Front Desk Team

Tria spent many years working in massage-adjacent injuries before finally becoming a massage therapist through Georgia Massage School. 

We often refer to Tria as our “fascia queen,” but her vast capabilities makes it that she treats almost every kind of case at LMMT. Her strongest passions lie in working with our senior populations. 

Tria loves kayaking and post-kayak margaritas, and is a dog mom to her crazy dog Pearl and her less-crazy dog Bash.


Keanna Dill Headshot

Keanna Dill


Keanna earned her Massage Therapy certificate from Gwinnett College. She is a member of the US Navy, and is actively working on her MBA from Kennesaw University.

Keanna’s passion for learning translates into her massage work, where she excitedly is expanding her clinical assessment skills, and solidifying skills in specialized modalities. 

Keanna brings such a wonderful, positive energy to our team. Outside of work, she is a proud mom to two young children.


Kelly Harwood Headshot

Kelly Harwood


Kelly attended Georgia Massage School as an avenue out from the corporate rat-race. She immediately expanded her skillset by earning her certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Aside from working with all types of cases, and specialty MLD work, Kelly has a special ability to assess and treat scalp fascia, as a start to addressing larger, whole-body issues. Kelly makes every client feel at ease with her joyous personality.

Outside of work, Kelly enjoys spending time with her husband, adult daughter, and her two dogs, Biscuit and Gravy.


Kevin Michi Headshot

Kevin Michi


Kevin attended Georgia Massage School and is actively studying Sports Medicine at GSU Perimeter.

Being an athlete himself, he is passionate about working with athletic populations and treating athletic-related injuries, but his infections smile and great energy make him a natural fit for many clients.

Kevin was born in Guerrero, Mexico, but grew up in Atlanta (and yes, he is bilingual!). Kevin spends most of his time outside of LMMT training & teaching Taekwando, and improving his own physical fitness.


Lorian Smith Headshot

Lorian Smith

Front Desk Assistant

Lorian is an Atlanta Massage School graduate, after spending many years working in customer service.

Lorian is excited to expand all of her skills, but is particularly excited to dive deep into TMJD, and hopes to soon expand her scope by studying Corrective Exercise and MLD.

Lorian is an Atlanta native, and comes from a blended family of 9 total siblings! She loves staying active with her own two teenage kids by skating, going to Six Flags, and taking weekend trips to the beach.

TaNeisha Murray Headshot

TaNeisha Murray

Front Desk Team

TaNeisha comes to us with over 30 years of customer service experience. She is a huge advocate of mental health, and excitedly advocates for our clients’ total wellness.

TaNeisha’s love for service doesn’t stop with our clients. She regularly makes & distributes gift bags for homeless populations around metro Atlanta, and volunteers with programs for kids with emotional/behavioral distress and other special needs.

Outside of serving people in and out of the office, TaNeisha loves cooking & crafting, and being a sassy – we mean – awesome mom to her four grown kids.