Live to Move.Move to Live.

Our Story

Our unique approach to treatment is shaped from experience. Our history creates the foundation from which we learned and built upon. Find out how our methods evolved to create an ideal treatment approach for the human body.

Our Team

One of the keys to our success is how our team works together. We utilize each other’s strengths to give our clients the most comprehensive and exceptional care. Meet the members of our team to find out what strengths we each bring to your care.

Our Philosophies

When selecting your care team, the philosophies embodied by that team will influence the care you receive every step of the way. Health care is personal, and a good team fit is vital. See if the philosophies of our team are the right fit for you.

Our Values

Values build our foundation – how our team works together and how we provide client care. Along with shared philosophies, aligned values between patient & practitioner is key. Learn about values we actively practice. Feel confident in your choice.

Everybody Moves Program

The manifestation of who we are as a team, our philosophies, and our values is our sliding scale Everybody Moves Program. Please take a moment to learn how you can contribute to our community or nominate someone in need.