Online Scheduling for New Clients

FREE Consultation with a Chiropractor

Unsure if chiropractic care or massage therapy is a beneficial next step for you? Interested in seeing if our team is a good fit for your needs? We’re happy for you to meet in person, online, or over the phone with one of our doctors. For women’s health questions including preconception, prenatal, postpartum, menstrual health, & menopause, please select Dr. Bree (Webster certified) for your consult.


For the vast majority of adults, this is the best appointment to start with. There are some exceptions though, such as when the primary complaint is chronic tension headaches. If you are unsure of which appointment to start with or would like a professional opinion before setting up your first appointment, just give us a call.


We offer varied session lengths for massage appointments. If you have a specific soft-tissue complaint or pain issue, please keep in mind we may need 10-20min of your session for assessment, so choose your session length accordingly. If you are unsure of how to estimate the time needed for your first session, we are happy to discuss your needs over the phone and make a recommendation.


Our youth clients can start with either massage or adjustment. We recommend calling us to discuss current physical complaints to determine the best appointment type to start with for your child or teen.


One of our Chiropractors, Dr. Bree, is certified in Webster Technique, a specialized protocol for supporting the creation of an ideal physical environment for mom and baby during pregnancy. Dr. Bree also works with the CES certified LMTs to support recovery after pregnancy by focusing on recreating a healthy foundation for rebuilding balance & strength. If you are currently pregnant, are planning to get pregnant in the next 6 months, or were pregnant within the last year, this is the best first appointment for you.

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