Active Aging

Age Without Getting Old.

Our mantra is that we will all age (if we’re lucky), but it doesn’t mean we have to get old.

It is true that there are certain aspects of aging which we cannot help. These aspects simply become new parameters that require some adjustments on our part. For example, joint stiffness in the morning is more common due to physiological changes that occur with aging. As long as that stiffness is relieved when start to move around, this is not concerning. It is considered a natural part of aging. To adjust, we add a little warm up routine at the start of our day.

We often hear new clients attribute all sorts of aches, pains, and immobility just to aging, when it simply is not the case. We’re not sure if it has to do with how aging is portrayed in movies and TV shows, or if our expectations are set by loved ones older than us who didn’t know it could be better, but the accepted narrative seems to be that pain and immobility related to long term use and aging is just “part of getting older” and there is nothing that can be done about it.

We simply do not subscribe to that messaging!

We’re passionate about keeping our older adults and seniors moving and engaging with life. With regular care, our clients are able to keep moving and maintain higher activity levels while aging. For some, our clients are able to return to activities they previously thought were left in their ‘younger days.’ For all, we see an improved quality of life, and an improved demeanor.

"I brought my mom who lives out of town and she discovered that her "foot arthritis" that has plagued her for years was, in fact, muscular and after two sessions, she was walking with ease and no discomfort. This place was literally life-changing for her!" -Lizzie (complete review on Google)

Maintaining Balance

As we age, maintaining balance is key to reducing occurrences of falls and injuries. Balance typically declines due to loss of muscle mass. By helping you maintain a healthy nervous system and healthy joint & muscle function, your LMMT team supports your ability to stay active, preserve muscles mass, and maintain balance.

Maintaining Strength

Maintaining & building strength supports our ability to balance, and helps preserve bone strength, reducing the risk of osteoporosis. It is no wonder that maintaining muscle mass is connected to longevity! Massage and chiropractic support healthy joint function and muscle recovery, giving you a greater ability to continue with weight-bearing & strength-building exercise as you age.

Maintaining Range-of-Motion

Aches, pains, and aging issues like arthritis can make us feel like we aren’t capable anymore. Manual therapies improve alignment and increase fluid flow to keep you moving more comfortably. Our bodies are designed to “use it or lose it,” so our team prioritizes protecting your joint health. We want you reaching, stretching, leaning, and bending in all directions!