Our Philosophies

Live to Move.

Movement plays an important role in all of our lives: sports, daily living and working, family activities, hobbies, and passions. Sport injuries and slow recovery can hinder athletic goals. Low back, wrist, and neck pain from long days at a computer interfere with daily activities with friends and family. Long commutes every day can contribute to perpetual sciatic pain. No matter where your muscular dysfunction comes from, at Life Moves MT we will help you to return your body to its best state and keep it there to enable you to do more of what you love.

Move to Live.

Stagnation supports a breeding ground for disease to thrive—physically and mentally. Beyond your capacity to participate in daily activities and passions, the quantity and quality of movement affects your mental and emotional state. When bodies are balanced, quality of life improves. Life Moves Manual Therapies strives to support this balance by not only integrating movement into therapies practiced but also educating clients on the most useful movements and manual therapies for better self-maintenance and improved quality of life.

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"Take care of yourself so you can
better take care of others."

This is the idea that you cannot pour from an empty cup. So often, we see our caregivers and nurturers take care of themselves the least. We're here to support you taking care of yourself so that you may continue your pursuit of caring for others.

"Train for your life."

Just like you would prepare for a race, you need to prepare for your sport, your job, or your hobby. "Overuse injuries" are typically preventable. Overuse is a sign of under-preparedness. Training, recovery, and self-care prepares you to move through life doing what you enjoy without the pain of regular over-straining.

"It's the little things."

Professional bodywork is best utilized as a way to fine-tune your maintenance. Our training allows us to recognize and address imbalance before it is an issue. For most of our clients, time in our office represents only 2 of the 720 hours in each month. The little things you do each day matter. Most bodies respond extremely well to gentle, frequent care. Even 5-10 minutes a day can go a long way.

"If we're lucky, we age;
but we don't have to get old."

Aging is a part of life, and being able to age is a gift. Feeling old isn't one. Our bodies' needs change with age. When we respect those needs and changes and adapt accordingly, we can continue to do what we love and maintain a high quality of life. It is when we ignore those needs that our bodies lose function, and we steadily become old.

"Pain isn't normal."

We know it's difficult to believe with the way that we are constantly inundated with advertisements for pain relievers, but living in pain IS. NOT. NORMAL. It is common. It is a symptom of underlying dysfunction. But it is not a normal state for the body. For most individuals, strategic manual therapy paired with quality self care can provide a life without frequent pain.