Where We Excel

Process Matters

Our team achieves excellent results through collaboration of our diverse talents, allowing us to be responsive to the needs of our clients.

We are a team who puts our clients’ needs before our egos, which means we lean on each other’s strengths to achieve the best results in each session.

With team members who are fully trained in specific areas and/or are skilled in different treatment protocols, we acknowledge and utilize the tools available within our team’s toolbox. Throughout care, our clients may work with a new or different team member because they are the best fit for that client’s needs, at that point.

Our team excellence is enabled by specific systems and expectations unique to LMMT. The anchor of our collaborative environment is our ability to communicate across the team and between sessions.

In addition to providing detailed notes from one session to the next, our Patient Care Team meetings provide a space for team analysis of treatments and complex cases, where we review progress, gather knowledgeable perspectives on treatment plans, and assess/revise next steps in care. To be a client with Life Moves MT means your care is at the center of our focus.

"The experience is completely different and my body never feels the shock of normal chiropractic care. Instead, the simultaneous mix of massage and chiropractic care settles on my body so much faster and sustains so much longer."
Whether on a field or a court, in a gym, under water, or hitting the pavement, the team at LMMT excels at helping athletes reach their highest potential. Our team skillfully adjusts care to accommodate needs and goals for adults and youths, from professionals and elite athletes to complete beginners.
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Desk Workers
Sitting all day can wreak havoc on our bodies and set us up for pain and discomfort after hours, or worse, injuries during our hobbies. Our team expertly assesses and addresses imbalance resulting from prolonged sitting, proactively treating issues before they cause pain and interfere with the things you love to do.
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Female Health
The female population is more likely to experience prolonged elevated stress. Subsequent hormone imbalances can affect everything from cycle health to nervous system health. Our expert doctors are available to educate about addressing underlying dysfunction and more natural approaches to maintaining wellness.
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Active Aging
Continuing to move is vital to our health as we age, so we can't let pain get in the way. In our experience, aches and pains which are simply attributed to "getting old" can almost always be reduced or even fully relieved with regular care. At LMMT, we offer excellence in keeping our older adults moving with more comfort and ease.
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Complete recovery not only includes reducing pain, but also includes returning the affected joints and soft tissue structures to healthy function and range-of-motion, as well as undoing any compensatory movement patterns that have developed. Put your trust in a team that will hold your recovery to the highest standard.
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Headaches and jaw pain are pervasive. It is our experience that most people seeking care consider headaches to be part of their "normal." Our team is passionate about helping our clients reach optimal health, where their headaches and jaw dysfunction are so infrequent that we have redefined their normal.
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Nervous System Health
The nervous system is responsible for helping all parts of the body communicate with each other. It regulates glands and hormones, and responds to changes inside and outside of the body. Our team excels at recognizing possible nervous system dysfunction and providing a holistic approach to recovery.
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Surgery Prep & Recovery
The quality of preparation for and recovery from surgical procedures can influence the long term effects of surgery. If you are already investing in and committing to the downtime and financial/energy requirements, you want the best long term outcome. Let our specialist team members enhance your recovery experience.
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Not Sure Where to Start?

For most new clients, we highly recommend starting care with a full assessment by both a Chiropractor and Massage Therapist along with the first adjustment. Our team will consider all the pieces to decide your next steps in care, including:

  • assisted and unassisted range-of-motion,
  • functional movements,
  • health history and any injury details,
  • your goals and life demands,
  • and how your body responds to the initial adjustment.

In some cases where muscle tension and restriction is the primary complaint, it makes more sense to start with a massage session prior to the full initial assessment and adjustment.

Not every body is the same, so we have options for how to get started, and we’re happy to help figure out what’s right for you.