Headaches & TMJD

Redefine Your “Normal.”

Headaches and jaw pain are pervasive. It is our experience that most people seeking care consider headaches to be part of their “normal.” We get it; with the number of commercials out there for over-the-counter pain relievers marketing specifically to people with headaches, it is easy to assume frequent headaches are normal and should simply be dealt with as they come up. But that’s not the case.

Headaches are typically a symptom of underlying dysfunction. Not only that, but according to the Mayo Clinic, “If you’re taking pain medications — even over-the-counter — more than two days a week (or nine days a month), you’re at risk of developing rebound headaches,” — not to mention the negative side effects of taking frequent pain medications on your stomach, liver, and kidneys.

Jaw joint (TMJ) dysfunction is the same; if a patient isn’t experiencing a pain symptom, they often exclude jaw popping or tension from their list of complaints. It’s their “normal.” But 80% of TMJ dysfunction is muscular, which means it can be improved or completely resolved! Alternatively, leaving the joint to move improperly for years increases the risk of creating permanent negative changes to the joint, requiring expensive dental work to resolve the issue once it does become painful.

We are passionate about helping our clients reach optimal health, where their headaches and jaw dysfunction are so infrequent that we have redefined their normal.

"If you're taking pain medications — even over-the-counter — more than two days a week (or nine days a month), you're at risk of developing rebound headaches." -Mayo Clinic

Tension Headaches

If you spend a large amount of time in one fixed position, such as in front of a computer, chances are that you will deal will tension headaches due to the strain placed on the muscles in the neck and head. We are experts at resolving the muscular dysfunction that leads to tension headaches, helping our clients experience fewer disruptions to life and work.


It is our experience that frequent migraine clients (more than 15 headache days a month) typically have multiple migraine triggers. In almost all cases we see, tension headaches trigger full blown migraines. By eliminating the frequent tension headaches, we are able to have an incredible impact on reducing monthly headache days! Set up your assessment today to see if we can help.


The temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are the most used joints in the body, and their function can impact everything from jaw pain and headaches to low back pain and even foot pain. Whiplash injuries, long dental procedures, and stress-induced clenching are the most common precipitating factors we see for TMJ Dysfunction. Select team members are highly trained in this specialized area to reduce pain and restore healthier function.

Not Sure Where to Start?

For most new clients, we highly recommend starting care with a full assessment by both a Chiropractor and Massage Therapist along with the first adjustment. Our team will consider all factors to decide your next steps in care, including:

  • assisted and unassisted range-of-motion,
  • functional movements,
  • health history and any injury details,
  • your goals and life demands,
  • and how your body responds to the initial adjustment.

When frequent headaches or jaw pain are the primary complaint, it often makes sense to start with a massage session prior to the full initial assessment and adjustment.

Not every body is the same, so we have options for how to get started, and we’re happy to help figure out what’s right for you.