Subscriptions & Packages

When it comes to Subscriptions & Packages, we keep it simple: you pay for them, they’re yours, do what works for you with them.

  • Build your care with your appts as needed:
    • Adjustment w/Bodywork
    • 30min or 1hr Massage Session
    • 30min or 1hr Corrective Exercise Session
  • Any 1hr Massage Session can be extended by 30min or 60min at a discounted rate.
  • Appts may be shared. For subscriptions, the primary subscriber may add others to their plan to also be considered subscribers (there may not be more subscribers than appointments per month). Appointments may also be shared with anyone outside the plan with a written request: email or text message.
  • For subscribers, any unused appointments roll over. Keep appts as long as the subscription is active.

There are additional benefits to being a subscriber:

  • Increased birthday discount
  • 10% OFF all retail
  • Easy to switch subscription levels as needed.
  • Free to cancel after 3-months.

We encourage clients to choose a subscription level that represents their baseline level of care: the number of visits needed to maintain optimum health. For most people, this is 1-2 visits per month. For some, it is 3. We have larger subscriptions with greater discounts available for partners and families on the same plan. If an injury occurs or additional visits are needed, subscribers receive a discount on all additional appointments. If you are unsure about your optimal baseline level of care, just ask. We are happy to provide feedback regarding your body’s response to care thus far and what we anticipate your baseline needs to be.