Teamwork Makes Our Care Work

It may be a little cheesy, but it’s totally true. When we say that we work as a team, we mean it. Our teamwork goes beyond the tag-team concept in our chiropractic room where our unique approach creates an environment for optimal collaboration between our Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and clients. Teamwork is interlaced into our values. Our strong values of growth and self awareness encourage us to openly discuss our strengths in assessment and execution of modalities, and give us space to learn and grow from each other. 

It is our belief that to provide the most effective care, teamwork must go beyond the treatment rooms. In our clinic, it is woven throughout our weekly meetings and daily processes that support our ability to collaborate with each other – leaning on each other’s strengths. Team collaboration in this sense is difficult to do well, and requires investment in technology systems and commitment to our in-office processes. In other words, we spend time and money to make sure we can deliver the best care possible. 


Each one of our practitioners has specific strengths. Many times, those strengths overlap, but it is important that we recognize and utilize those strengths to provide the best care for our patients. That means you may start out with certain practitioners initially who specialize in assessment, then you may be recommended to work with another practitioner who specializes in treating specific areas of the body. When there is overlap, we’ll let you know the group of practitioners who will be a good fit, so you can have the most availability options when scheduling. 

Especially for patients coming in with specific pain or imbalance issues, you will likely start off with a smaller care team that expands as you move closer to maintenance. Early on, it is best if you can work with the recommended team. Once in maintenance, it will matter less which of our team members you work with. That being said, this type of care cannot escape patient-practitioner compatibility, and we are happy to honor any preferences you may have at any stage of care. You may even find you like working with one person for one thing and another for something else. Our team is here to be your team – however that fits best.. We leave our egos at the door and work together to be your “pit crew.” 


You may have noticed that we collect a lot of data from our patients: our initial health history, our check-in forms at each session, and care goal updates. Our practitioners also document our sessions. This data collection has a purpose. 

Each week at our Patient Care Team meeting, we meet to review treatment cases. We keep each other updated on progress and changes for cases involving multiple team members. When needed, we brainstorm next steps or creative ideas to get you farther in your progress. On occasion, we have patients who are experiencing a plateau in treatment or a persisting issue. In those cases, we have performed full audits using intake forms, check-in forms, and our notes to identify possible patterns and work together to come up with creative, new approaches. 

All of this teamwork really is one of the things that makes Life Moves MT different. Having and utilizing multiple minds and approaches keeps us open minded, helps us avoid getting stuck in one thought process, and results in our patients receiving better care. Our ability to communicate with each other through in-office systems means patients don’t have to worry about working with different team members when resolving pain issues or working towards goals. Instead, they can feel confident in having the full support of our entire team available to them throughout their care.