employee wellness support as your office transitions to the future of work

Physical health & wellness education

We offer webiners & on-site sessions to educate employees with efficient tools to combat physical work demands.

assessment & massage days

We can provide on-site assessments & massage days for employees to address elevated stress levels and pain.

employee wellness packages & corporate partnerships

Corporate partners have access to regular education, on-site care, & special pricing packages for our comprehensive employee wellness services

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Life and work are stressful, and employee wellness is more critical now than ever:

  • Prolonged periods of elevated stress can contribute to depression, anxiety, systemic inflammation, reduced immune system function, and the development of cardiovascular dysfunction.
  • 157 million work hours in the United States are lost every year due to Migraines alone.
  • 33% of adults 30 years an older have experienced lowback pain within the last three months.

Life Moves Manual Therapies is a diverse team of Chiropractors, Licensed Massage Therapists, and Corrective Exercise Specialists located in Marietta, GA.

The team serves each individual’s needs on-site without resorting to generic treatments and general services.

Our expertise serves the needs involved in sustaining a productive workforce. While serving your employee’s needs, we serve your needs!

Manual Therapies help to:

  • reduce headache frequency
  • improve sleep
  • relieve low back & shoulder pain
  • increase productivity with improved focus, energy, & mental clairity