Female Health

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Comprehensive Care.

When we use the term, “female health,” we aim to acknowledge and address those conditions that are entirely or predominantly experienced by populations who have or have had a uterus, or use estrogen hormone treatments.

Studies show that the female population is more likely to experience prolonged elevated stress. Subsequent hormone imbalances can affect everything from cycle health to nervous system health. Traditionally, these issues have been addressed at the symptom level only. Quite often, however, it is possible to address the root issue—eliminating not only the symptoms, but also the medications required to hide the symptoms.

Our doctors are passionate about educating our female patient population about addressing underlying dysfunction and more natural approaches to maintaining wellness.

Additionally, our Pregnancy Care Team is here to provide more complete care for our patients who choose to go through pregnancy. We take our patients from preparing for pregnancy all the way through a full year of recovery after delivery.

First, we love recommending our network of clinical resources to build out your team, while preparing your body to get pregnant. Then, Dr. Bree’s specialized training in Webster Technique dramatically improves the carrying and delivering experience. Finally, we know pregnancy care doesn’t end once you deliver. During the first year of recovery, our corrective exercise team is here to help restore balance. We focus on Mom, so that Mom can focus on Baby.

General Wellness

The health of our nervous systems impacts hormone balance, which in turn affects all aspects of life. Our doctors take into account whole body function – digestive, sleep, ability to perform physical activities, etc. They work to create ideal balance and a strong foundation. When needed, they will recommend adjunct therapies to help patients achieve more complete wellness.

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy and delivery are some of the most incredible physical feats a woman’s body can endure. Our Pregnancy Care Team is here to take you through preparing for your pregnancy (preconception), carrying a baby (prenatal), and recovering from delivery (postpartum). Click below to learn more about each stage.


Perimenopause & Menopause

The female body goes through many stages in life, and it seems like each stage has its own set of rules. Our team is here to help you navigate the rule changes that typically come about in our 40s and 50s. When we honor and work within the new parameters set forth by our bodies, we can more easily continue our passions.

Webster Technique

Webster Technique is a specialized chiropractic protocol designed for pregnant women that typically results in:

  • Increased ease and comfort during pregnancy and delivery
  • Reduced interference and imbalance in the nervous system
  • Healthy range-of motion and function in pelvis and surrounding ligaments
  • Decreased stress hormones experienced by mom and baby
  • Improved blood flow throughout pregnancy