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Membership fees conveniently autodraft on the 1st of each month.

Any unused credits roll-over as long is the membership is active.

Extend any Standard Massage Session by 30min for $54 or 60min for $108.

Members receive upgraded birthday discounts as well as discounts on wellness product purchases.

Use credits to build and change your care plan as your body's needs change.

Memberships may be canceled without a fee after 6 months with written notice.


1/2 Credit

Basic Adjustment
Half Massage Session
Corrective Exercise Demo Session
Re-Assessment Appointment

1 Credit

Standard Adjustment
Standard Massage Session
Corrective Exercise Plan Review & Demo Session

Premier Membership


Pricing: $232/mo

2 credits added to account each month

Premier +

Pricing: $432/mo
(Additional 5% discount)

4 credits added to account each month


Discount on any additional care. The majority of our patients average using 2 credits per month for maintenance care, but accidents happen. When things come up, you can relax knowing that you receive discounted pay-as-you-go pricing on any additional care needed if no credits remain on your account.

Discount on gift certificates. As a Premier Member, you can easily take care of holidays & birthdays with discounted pay-as-you-go pricing on any gift certificates.

Discount on wellness product purchases. Quality products for home care are essential. Build your home care tool kit for less!

1 free virtual appointment each month. Experiencing pain but can’t make it into the office for a few days? Pain issues showing up while traveling? We can meet you by video to assess and help you do the most you can from afar until you can make it into the clinic.

Personal Refer-a-Friend discount codes. Be the hero year round! Invite friends, family, coworkers, your opponent on the court, your teammates on the field, or even that nice lady in the store who clearly has headache to experience a quality Body Care Team for less.

3 last-minute reschedules per year. We know life happens. It happens to us too. As a thank you for committing to your wellness, we will waive last minute reschedule fees up to 3 times in a rolling 12-months for appointments needing to be rescheduled in less than 24hrs.

Complimentary re-assessment appointment every 6 months. Progress is exciting, and when you’re committed, we want you to see your results!

Premier Membership gift. Welcome! We’re excited that you’re committing to your wellness and honored that you’re trusting us with your care. We look forward to helping you achieve and maintain your movement, training, and quality-of-life goals.

Maximum benefits from committing to consistent treatment & maintenance care. Of course the best benefit of membership is how great you will feel day-to-day from receiving regular care! As a member, you are more likely to stay on track, sustain progress, and keep your body ready to handle what life brings your way.

basic Membership

Basic - Individual Only

Pricing: $124/mo

1 credit added to account each month


Basic Membership pricing on any additional care if no credits remain

10% discount on wellness product purchases