Blog: Workplace Wellness

Normalizing Movement in the Workplace

Just imagine it. An office full of cubicles and everyone, in their seats, typing away at their computers. Then one person stands, raises their hands above their heads and reaches to the sky. Another person stands and chooses to reach for their toes. Another
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Keys to Movement Breaks

We all know that sitting all day can be rough on our bodies, and that we should get up and move around during our work days. But, oftentimes we don’t actually know how to add them into our already packed schedules, or how to make them both efficient and
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Workplace Ergonomics – Desk Work

There is a lot of information online about how to make your workspace function better to support your body. Almost everyone becomes an expert in what is the perfect posture…but why does it matter? Keep reading to get some context for some of those
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