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Concussions in Kids and Teens

Concussions in kids and teens are a serious concern, and understanding the signs, treatment, and prevention is crucial for ensuring their long-term health and well-being. Here’s what you need to know about concussions, how they can be missed, and how to
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The Importance of Corrective Exercise for Kids and Teens

Corrective exercise is often associated with adults, but it’s equally if not more important for kids and teens. Due to the early introduction and heavy use of computers and digital screens over the last couple of decades, we are seeing signs of severe
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Ergonomics for Back to School

As students head back to school, it’s important to consider how ergonomics can play a vital role in their comfort, health, and productivity. Proper ergonomics can prevent discomfort, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance focus and performance. Here are
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